Dj & Producer and label owner of Highland Beats & We Are Techno productions. Jan Liefhebber has been an element of the Dutch techno scene since the early 90’s. In 1995 he set up the record label Highland Beats to provide a platform for the acid and techno that he played in his DJ sets. Highland Beats went on to become a succesfull techno labels in the 90’s and it provided a springboard for upcoming artists. One of the first of its kind in the Netherlands, Highland Beats has inspired labels and artists over the years. Jan’s DJ career started off in the underground techno scene. Together with some friends he organised parties in crazy industrial locations like old abandoned farm houses, fields, tunnels and warehouses. Jan’s musical taste differed from what most people were playing and he soon made a name for himself due to his diversity and refreshing sets. The popularity of Highland Beats fuelled his success and his first international bookings soon followed. In 2003 Jan released his first co-production. This led to several remix requests and he has since (co-)produced on different labels. The main reason Jan has remained a sought after DJ is that he doesn’t let any trend dictate what he plays while still evolving and progressing.